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ARRA Would Like to Acknowledge the Generous Donation of Racing Papers

ARRA Would Like to Acknowledge the Generous Donation of Racing Papers  

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Author: ARRA Research   Date: 3/16/2023 6:01:15 PM  +8/-0  

ARRA Would Like to Acknowledge the Generous Donation of Racing Papers


Ringoes,NJ – ARRA …..Auto Racing Research Associates would like to acknowledge the generous donation of a collection of 36 years of Area Auto Racing News to its organization for use by someone who will be research and document our sport of auto racing…both local and national.

    “I drove out to Annville, PA today to pick up this load of AARN’s from race fan Dave Frank.” revealed ARRA President Fred Voorhees once he had the great collection of racing papers put away and got on with his day.  “We have had so many great donations of auto racing newspapers since we began to save them from landfills from some great fans and notable personalities in the local sport!  We are blessed with great fans in our area.” Voorhees continued.  “Dave Frank got in touch with ARRA historian and noted announcer Jeff Ahlum about what to possibly do with his vast collection of papers since he was going to be moving in the future and decided it was time to part with his long time collection.  Jeff told him to get in touch with me and see if I was still taking wayward racing papers.”

   As it turns out…the donation came at an opportune time as the research group is currently looking for a young racing fan anywhere from in their twenties or older who may be interested in becoming a historian with an eye towards becoming a member of ARRA.  “Oh this was almost perfect timing!”  Voorhees claims.  “We are really looking for some young blood for our organization.  Young blood that will continue on with our mission once many of our current historians move on into an advanced age and at some point, will be unable to continue with the research.  While ARRA does have a fantastic couple of younger and dedicated historians….Dennis Clapperton, Jeff Ahlum, Jeff Zimmerman, Justin St. Louis, Tim Quievryn, Nicky Teto and others, we could still use some younger, eager guys…or gals who are interested in becoming a historian or are just curious.  I welcome them to contact me and I can explain what is involved in what we do.”  Fred revealed.  Todays contribution of papers is earmarked to the first interested young potential historian.  “I would love to bring on a young person who is interested in truly contributing to the factual history of our sport and this collection I just picked up today will be a really awesome start to a research library!  For some reason, it is missing the year 2017, but I think I have a good amount of those in my extras…I have to go digging through them, but even if I do not…that year should be no problem to add to his or her collection sometime soon down the road by another donation.  However, this collection will allow a new historian to fully research and document a great number of drivers who have started their careers anytime after the mid ‘80s….even tracks that opened any time after that point in time.”   Young, potential historian candidates can contact Fred at to either inquire about what is involved or to actually request to be considered for becoming an historians. 

Auto Racing Research Associates is a growing group of thirty nine auto racing historians across the country banded together for the purpose of the research, documentation and displaying of auto racing history such as driver win statistics, track, racing series and organizations histories and also the background of racing personalities, particular cars from the past and various other interesting facts of racing history that should not be forgotten.  ARRA continues to build a network of associated auto racing related websites to unite for better chances of furthering the understanding of the past of our sport.  ARRA offers looking up services for those looking for one particular piece of information from the past.  They are the official statistics information source of the Flemington Speedway Historical Society and have been doing much of the research work for a number of years for the Northeast Dirt Modified Museum and Hall of Fame in Weedsport, NY.



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ARRA Would Like to Acknowledge the Generous Donation of Racing Papers +8/-0 ARRA Research 3/16/2023 6:01:15 PM