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Author: Jeff Gravatt   Date: 11/26/2023 11:22:14 AM  +10/-0  



WALL, NJ ~ Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. and Timmy Solomito of Center Moriches, NY were the big winners on Friday and Saturday in Modified stock car main events at Wall Stadium Speedway. The 50th edition of the Turkey Derby was presented in the memory of long-time racing supporter Tom Wanick, Jr.


In Saturday's Tour Modified 150-lap race, Hirschman started tenth in the 27 car field and patiently worked his way into the top five by lap 30. Andy Jankowiak led the first half of the event before Andrew Krause and Hirschman moved to the front to battle for the lead. On lap 103 Hirschman, Krause and others ducked into the pit area for a tire change while Jankowiak moved to the lead after an earlier tire change. Jankowiak and Solomito then fought for the lead before Solomito's effort was ruined in a turn four crash.


Jankowiak then paced the field while Krause and Hirschman advanced to second and third. Jankowiak and Krause then wrestled for the win in the closing laps before the duo tangled and spun in the first turn with a handful of laps remaining. That handed the lead and eventual $15,000 win to Hirschman while Stephen Kopcik, Patrick Emerling, Ronnie Williams and Dave Sapienza wrapped up the top five.


In Friday's Wall/SK Modified 100-lapper Kopcik, Solomito, Krause and others were the stars for much of the distance as they battled for the win. In the closing laps they swapped the top spot before Solomito moved the the front and took the $6,000 win. Eddie McCarthy raced to the second place finish, with Hirschman, Carsten DiGiantomasso and Kopcik completing the top five.


In the weekend's support class action, Blake Barney of Jackson won a close victory over Kevin Davison in the Sportsman main event. Jaden Brown, Kenny Reaves and Eric Lane were second through fifth. Bryan O'Shea of Neptune City won the 50 lap race for the Factory Stocks over early leader Shanon Mongeau. Elliot Wohl, Scott Riggleman and Kevin Flores were third, fourth and fifth.


Alex McCollum of China Grove, NC won the 23 car Legend Cars main event over Jacob Burns, Luke LaBrun, Chase Van Houten and Derek Gluchaki. CJ Zukowski grabbed the win over a top five including TJ Graves, Ryan Warren, Dylan Cabral and Joe Warren in the 23 car Fast 4 feature race.


Second generation racer Gerard Giordano of Freeport, NY won his first ever Turkey Derby event in the Limited Late Model 50-lap race. Ethan Brown, Richie Davidowitz, Brian Doyle and Mark Hudson were second through fifth. Dillon Steuer was a dominating winner in the 50 lap race for Dirt Modifieds. Cody Kessler, Billy Pauch, Jr., Roger LeBreche and Mike Baldwin were second through fifth.


Ryan Tidman was the top man in the 30-lap race for the Three Quarter Midgets. Joey Baily, Buddy Sload, Tyler Wagner and Matt Janish were second through fifth.


Wall Stadium is located on Route 34 in Wall Township, N.J., just one mile north of Garden State Parkway exit 98 and Interstate 195 exit 35B. The speedway hotline number is 732-681-6400 and email address is


TOUR MODIFIED FEATURE - 150 Laps - 1. MATT HIRSCHMAN, NORTHAMPTON, PA. 2. Stephen Kopcik, 3. Patrick Emerling, 4. Ronnie Williams, 5. Dave Sapienza, 6. Steven Reed, 7. Brian Robie, 8. Jimmy Zacharias, 9. Austin Beetrs, 10. Andrew Krause, 11. Kyle Scisco, 12. Tommy Martino, Jr., 13. Andy Jankowiak, 14. Tyler Truex, 15. Ricky Collins, 16. Ron Frees, 17. Jimmy Blewett, 18. Timmy Solomito, 19. Eddie McCarthy, 20. Jack Ely, 21. Joey Merlino, 22. Blake Barney, 23. Anthony Sesely, 24. Danny Bohn, 25. Dillon Steuer, 26. Ryan Flores, 27. Matt Swanson


WALL/SK MODIFIED FEATURE - 100 Laps - 1. TIMMY SOLOMITO, CENTER MORICHES, NY, 2. McCarthy, 3. Hirschman, 4. Carsten DiGiantomasso, 5. Kopcik, 6. Sesely, 7. Shaun Carrig, 8. Krause, 9. Blewett, 10 Jake Nelke, 11. Martino, 12. Jonathan Mandato, 13. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 14. Richie Cooper, 15. Emerling, 16. Dom Fattaruso, 17. James Pritchard, 18. Chas Okerson, 19. Derek Hopkinson, 20. Truex, 21. Chris Reynolds, 22. Tyler Ferris, 23. Barney, 24. Adam LaCicero


SPORTSMAN FEATURE - 41 Laps - 1. BLAKE BARNEY, JACKSON, 2. Kevin Davison, 3. Jaden Brown, 4. Kenny Reaves, 5. Eric Lane, 6. Bryan O'Shea, 7. Ray Fattaruso, 8. Ryan Krachen, 9. Carsten DiGiantomasso, 10. Billy Both, 11. Richie Byrne, 12. Quinn Trimmer, 13. Ryan Fisher, 14. DJ Doyle, 15. Brian Osborn, 16. Zach Lenardo, 17. Kyle Scisco, 18. Jarret DiGiantomasso, 19. Christian LaCicero, 20. Joe Schmutz, 21. Mike Brennan, 22. Jonathan Laureigh, 23. Ryan Bilello, 24. Briaqn DeSarno, 25. Jeffrey Loesch, 26. Payton Arthofer


FACTORY STOCK FEATURE - 50 Laps - 1. BRYAN O'SHEA, NEPTUNE CITY, 2. Shanon Mongeau, 3. Elliot Wohk, 4. Scott Riggleman, 5. Kevin Flores, 6. Joey Helberg, 7. Jared Okerson, 8. Logan Fraser, 9. Johnny Carpenter, 10. Bob Anderton, 11. John Bowers, 12. Robert Stack, 13. Rob Anderton, 14. Matt Badessa, 15. Ronnie Mullen, 16. Glenn Osborn, 17. Gary Burton, 18. Kristen O'Shea, 19. Steve Mangano, 20. Nancy Riggleman, 21. Kevin Kennedy, 22. Mike Montano


LEGEND CARS FEATURE - 24 Laps - 1. ALEX McCOLLUM, CHINA GROVE, NC, 2. Jacob Burns, 3. Luke LaBrun, 4. Chase Van Houten, 5. Derek Gluchaki, 6. Joey Braun, 7. Riley Paul, 8. Tanner Jones, 9. Charlie Hodge, 10. Cole Stangle, 11. Kevin Nowak, 12. Richie Davidowicz, 13. Jack Gerzabek, 14. Ryan MacConnell, 15. Justin Teresak, 16. Zack Martinez, 17. Nick Kocis, 18. Jayden Glennerster, 19. Cody Critelli, 20. Bryan Gardella, 21. Joe Przybylinski, Jr., 22. Justin Emmons, 23. Nate Divone


FAST 4 FEATURE - 27 Laps - 1. CJ ZUKOWSKI, JR., 2 TJ Graves, 3. Ryan Warren, 4. Dylan Cabral, 5. Joe Warren, 6. Corey Caddick, 7. Derek Gluchachi, 8. Cody Carr, 9. Carlos Grenier, 10. Sean Vuksanic, 11. Stephen LaCicero, 12. Bill Schwarz, 13. Darren Cox, 14. Mike Lavery, 15. Chuck McDonald, 16. Colin Gale, 17. Kyle BHurley, 18. Joe Parker, 19. Shanon Mongeau, 20. Chris Palamar, 21. Kevin Maher, DQ Tony Collinsworth


LIMITED LATE MODEL FEATURE - 50 Laps - 1. GERARD DIORDANO, FREEPORT, NY, 2. Ethan Bown, 3. Davidowitz, 4. Brian Doyle, 5. Mark Hudson, 6. Mike Tillett, 7. Pat Bown, 8. Ed Cheslak, 9. Joe Mancuso, 10. Ray Minieri, 11. Rick Giannino, 12. Jarrod Hayes


DIRT MODIFIEDS - 50 Laps - 1. DILLON STEUER, 2. Cody Kessler, 3. Billy Pauch, Jr., 4. Roger LeBreche, 5. Mike Baldwin, 6. Jeff Parker, 7. Joe Knoth, 7. Johnny Aurnick, 8. Chris Grbac, 10. Therese Aurnick


TQ MIDGET FEATURE - 30 Laps - RYAN TIDMAN, 2. Joey Bailey, 3. Burry Sload, 4. Tyler Wagner, 5. Matt Janish, 6. Jeff Kot, 7. Tyler Ferris, 8. Kyle Teraska, 9. Pauch, 10. Cole Mullen, 11. Josh Patterson, 12. Kyle Herve, 13. Chris Coleman, 14. Joe Toth, 15. Brianna Page, 16. Mike Glaser, 17. Ronnie Mullen

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