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Msg ID: 2482536 flemington Trivia +16/-14     
12/31/2017 5:12:08 PM

Back in the day the biggest thrill as a fan was to be able to watch a race in the "box seats". You actually were hanging over the track on the front stretch a thrill you could not believe. Two events closed these seats for good, one was a crash and one was a structual event. What driver was involved in the crash

Msg ID: 2482565 flemington Trivia +9/-7     
12/31/2017 6:40:33 PM

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Just my opinion, but I don’t see any need to bring this up. Even though the driver in question is no longer with us, his family is still involved in racing, I’m sure they feel bad about it too.

Msg ID: 2482709 flemington Trivia +5/-3     
1/1/2018 3:22:49 PM

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This was not something that I wanted to do. Sorry maybe i have my facts wrong ........


Msg ID: 2482883 flemington Trivia +3/-1     
1/2/2018 3:35:23 PM

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Before my time but dads URC flip down the front stretch? Supposedly the scorers seen his wing go by where they sat.

Msg ID: 2482906 flemington Trivia +3/-1     
1/2/2018 5:45:24 PM

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Clyde Cox going down the frontstretch ala Richard Petty?