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Msg ID: 2595088 Let me get this right CRAPCAR +33/-3     
Author:So annoyed
9/29/2019 5:24:59 PM

You DONT throw a caution when a "nobody" spins in the middle of a straightaway (Tifft) and sits for there for a few seconds as cars go around him until he gets it going and turns around. BUT you WILL throw a caution for Elliott forgetting how to drive and going nose first into the tire barrier, IMMEDIATELY getting the car going and WAY off the racing surface and you WILL throw a caution for Wreckie spinning going into the inner loop and IMMEDIATELY getting the car facing the right direction and getting back into the race. Not surprised at all with the empty seats even at your biggest races. Just a complete shame that I have to explain to non-race fans that there is more racing than just NASCAR. NASCAR is not a sport, just a pimple on the face of the sport Racing. Dam shame.

Msg ID: 2595098 Let me get this right CRAPCAR +11/-10     
9/29/2019 6:46:50 PM

Reply to: 2595088

For the record the internet is calling it the best race of the year so stupid forget quickly how much they were played. 

Msg ID: 2595108 Let me get this right CRAPCAR +6/-4     
9/29/2019 7:38:42 PM

Reply to: 2595098

You got it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was talking to my self, look at this shirt, what the hell? Don't forget running the laps down under yellow.

Msg ID: 2595129 Let me get this right CRAPCAR +13/-3     
9/29/2019 8:53:58 PM

Reply to: 2595088
Why are you guys even entertaining their nonsense. NASCAR takes one of the iconic tracks and turns it into that circus. Gave up my tickets after 23 years at that place. Makes me sick. Just don't watch it anymore. I'll be glad when crapcar folds and so will you.

Msg ID: 2595219 Let me get this right CRAPCAR +15/-2     
9/30/2019 1:11:12 PM

Reply to: 2595088

The only NASCAR I have watched in 5 years is the NASCAR mods.  I have not watched one lap of any other of their lame divisions.  I do love the mods however.  Shame they STILL treat them like the red headed step child!!

Msg ID: 2595260 Let me get this right CRAPCAR +12/-5     
9/30/2019 7:46:44 PM

Reply to: 2595088

Likely they had to check the barrier and it was a Safety caution.  They did do some work on the wall while the cars were under caution.  

We used to have a caution at Flemington to put the blocks back in place - even if a car tagged them and kept going....if that helps someone reconcile a local track example.  Why? For safety reasons.  Same drill, different day.

Walk a mile in the shoes of race control and give them the benefit of the doubt - or keep on bashing away with whatever comes to mind, whatever suits one's fancy I guess.


Msg ID: 2595529 Let me get this right CRAPCAR +8/-7     
10/2/2019 11:38:07 AM

Reply to: 2595260

It was way more entertaining than any race they've had at the quad oval in Charlotte the last few years.

Msg ID: 2595648 Let me get this right CRAPCAR +5/-2     
10/2/2019 10:39:38 PM

Reply to: 2595088

I have not watched nascar in long time because to me its not what it used to be because all the same body styles; stupid stage races and forget about the championship formatl i allways said who ever it is no matter who has the most points wins the cup in either cup; xfinity or truck series; the ONLY nascar races i do watch are nascar modified tour when i can; but they are ONLY 1hour long !to some not all they think nascar racing is best! why please?