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Msg ID: 2595393 Bridgeport to half mile +21/-16     
10/1/2019 4:31:43 PM
In aarn, bridgeport to a half mile. Pits being moved to turn 1. Will be modeled after Lawrenceburg. I suppose i can live with a half, just as long as it aint a 3/8ths

Msg ID: 2595394 Bridgeport to half mile +14/-4     
10/1/2019 4:32:32 PM

Reply to: 2595393
Oh and Big blocks and spec. No other crazy combos.


Msg ID: 2597081 Bridgeport to half mile +4/-3     
10/12/2019 12:35:25 PM

Reply to: 2595394


Bridgeport will be the only "big block" track in NJ, Delaware, or NY where you can't run an open

small-block engine.

a lot of NY racers have abandoned big blocks for 400 plus inch small blocks the same HP that A big block can make, which are cheaper to build, easier on the rest of the drivetrain and chassis and are sellable everywhere else in the country. 

makes no sense to turn away racers 






not a smart move.

Msg ID: 2595406 Bridgeport to half mile +20/-4     
10/1/2019 6:13:35 PM

Reply to: 2595393
If only East Windsor Speedway could be replicated. Anyone think there will be enough time to complete all this work? Permits? Workforce? $$$$

Msg ID: 2595470 Bridgeport to half mile +17/-12     
Author:Ghost of AC
10/2/2019 5:00:24 AM

Reply to: 2595406

Best thing to ever happen there wish them all the best going forward 

Msg ID: 2595544 Bridgeport to half mile +45/-19     
10/2/2019 1:01:58 PM

Reply to: 2595470

I disagree. This is the equivelent to losing all the history and identity of Bridgeport. It will possibly help car counts but that is no guarentee. The 5/8ths is what made the place unique. This decision is not good news to me, sad day for racing in my opinion.

Msg ID: 2595417 Bridgeport to half mile +18/-12     
10/1/2019 7:46:46 PM

Reply to: 2595393

Amen to that!

Msg ID: 2595607 Bridgeport to half mile +6/-2     
10/2/2019 5:41:17 PM

Reply to: 2595417

To bad there doing this. But why are they taking out turn 1 and 2. And not 3and 4. And I hope they mean pits out side of track.

Msg ID: 2595615 Out with the old in with the new. +14/-7     
10/2/2019 6:11:40 PM

Reply to: 2595607

I will say I will miss the 5/8ths.  I spent much of my childhood there and have a lot of great memories.  However if they can duplicate the action that is produced on the Lawernceberg track we are all in for some exciting racing.  Just pull up any USAC race highlight reel and watch.  Pretty embitious plans though with what is all needed to be done.  Hope weather doesn't hurt the progress.  Also the idea of having the speedstrs race on saturday nights to help draw some extra modifeds is a smart idea, both ways as it may pull some new drivers into the speedstr ranks as well.  Intrigued to say the least even though it comes at the cost of the big track.


P.S.  Please install a new score board...I've seen little league fields with better ones.  

Msg ID: 2595620 Out with the old in with the new. +18/-6     
10/2/2019 7:16:28 PM

Reply to: 2595615

Lawrenceburg is awesome but highlites of USAC sprints is one thing, modifieds on a high-banked half mile is different. Depending on the track layout, it could end up being Lebanon Valley south. They arent getting alot of modifieds because its all about motor there, tough to pass as well. 

Msg ID: 2595676 Out with the old in with the new. +18/-2     
10/3/2019 8:04:14 AM

Reply to: 2595620

I've been to both versions of Lawrenceburg and actually like the orginal layout better as do many who saw racing there pre-reconfig.  You want to copy a track, how about Penn National! 

Msg ID: 2595600 Bridgeport to half mile +14/-10     
10/2/2019 5:06:31 PM

Reply to: 2595393
Doesn't seem to be cost effective to reduce the size by 1/8th of a mile. I thought the way they ran the track was pretty good. A month of 5/8th's,a couple months of 3/8th's,and the remainder of the year on the big track! I haven't received my AARN so I'm not sure of the entire plan. Are they doing away with the 3/8th? If not they'll still have to build up the turns coming onto the big track. Just leave a good thing alone Doug!

Msg ID: 2595693 Bridgeport to half mile +25/-10     
10/3/2019 10:32:04 AM

Reply to: 2595393

Having the pits next to the bleachers for interaction is a great idea, I'm looking forward to going to the races there next year and hopefully the weather will cooperate and allow the modifications to be made in a timely manner.   I'm appreciative that we have such a great facility and owners & staff who are looking ahead.

Msg ID: 2595807 Bridgeport to half mile +7/-2     
10/4/2019 9:07:08 AM

Reply to: 2595393
My question is - what kind of lap times do the modifieds turn at Lawrenceburg? I haven't seen anything that indicates that the layout would be good for modified action. Hopefully it will be good for all - competitors, fans and the track itself.

Msg ID: 2595815 Bridgeport to half mile +6/-4     
10/4/2019 10:19:27 AM

Reply to: 2595807

Fast time for a big UMP Mods race there this summper was 16.323 on the 3/8's

Msg ID: 2595900 Bridgeport to half mile +16/-13     
Author:david walter
10/4/2019 7:03:31 PM

Reply to: 2595815

ump aint modifieds they are rejecks late models. cant even use them as a modified we have real modifieds dont no what rose is thinking . i dont think they should eliminate the big track use it for specials dirt series and what ever but even 1/2 is to big for the sh?iters but you are going to watch them weather you like them or not that the future of bridgeport.hope im wrong.

Msg ID: 2596670 Bridgeport to half mile +21/-3     
Author:Ghost of AC
10/9/2019 7:04:10 AM

Reply to: 2595900

You do know that if he had not bought the track the company across the street would have and it would have been done be happy it is still there and he is making great improvements the pits by the main grandstand will be great .