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Msg ID: 2646361 Bridgeport +25/-24     
Author:Doug W
6/17/2020 7:35:08 PM

In this weeks AARN, Rick Laubach stated he hoped Bridgeport would switch to Sundays so he could run a 3 night weekend. Is this being considered?  Thanks.


Msg ID: 2646420 Bridgeport +11/-9     
6/18/2020 8:26:33 AM

Reply to: 2646361

I believe the first 2 races of the year are scheduled for Sundays. 6/28 and 7/5

Msg ID: 2646551 Bridgeport +4/-2     
6/19/2020 2:47:28 AM

Reply to: 2646361
As per Facebook. 6/28 only 250 spectators allowed. Tickets online sale only.

Msg ID: 2646573 Bridgeport +5/-3     
Author:Doug W
6/19/2020 9:50:00 AM

Reply to: 2646551

The comment Rick Lauback made, implied he was hoping they would switch to Sunday nights for the entire season. I was just wondering if that was being considered and I may have missed an announcement somewhere

Msg ID: 2646592 Bridgeport +10/-8     
6/19/2020 10:53:24 AM

Reply to: 2646573

This would be the year to try it. Drivers are traveling to NC and LA to race.

Msg ID: 2646633 Bridgeport +10/-6     
Author:david walter
6/19/2020 3:44:04 PM

Reply to: 2646592

i think it would be the time to try it. it just may work dont no till you try.always can go back if it dont work.

Msg ID: 2647239 Bridgeport +3/-0     
Author:Bill Hanna
6/22/2020 9:12:49 PM

Reply to: 2646361

Sunday racing there would not be the first time, under the ownership of Paul & Rick Kuhl, Bridgeport did run on Sundays....... remember well, it was a hell of trip home every Sunday night and getting to work on Monday.


Msg ID: 2647395 Bridgeport +9/-0     
6/23/2020 3:16:15 PM

Reply to: 2647239

Sunday night Modified racing would be cool.  Just like those old days at Penn National!  Man I loved that place!