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Msg ID: 2648662 Bridgeport  +47/-5     
6/29/2020 3:19:41 PM

There was a lot of excitement about this new track. You cant find any information on results anywhere, not facebook, sjdr, Twitter! Just that Godown won. How can Bridgeport not do a press release or at least a quick finish. If not that night at least first thing in the morning. Promote your track get the information out there while people are still interested in the recap/results. There are other tracks that do this also, almost like the results are a secret or no one cares after the checkered flag waves, big hurry to get home. They need to look how successful tracks use social media to promote their track and create excitement. Not everyone can be at every race. 


Msg ID: 2648685 Bridgeport  +4/-1     
6/29/2020 5:48:06 PM

Reply to: 2648662

They posted on Facebook this morning.


Msg ID: 2648691 Bridgeport  +5/-4     
6/29/2020 6:29:50 PM

Reply to: 2648662

They put a promo video on facebook..........then today i saw highlights of the race . I don't know who posted it though

Msg ID: 2648722 Bridgeport  +7/-6     
Author:Ghost of AC
6/29/2020 8:58:41 PM

Reply to: 2648691

It is on facebook all 3 races on the new track 

Msg ID: 2648778 Bridgeport  +9/-3     
6/30/2020 9:55:13 AM

Reply to: 2648662

Well so far Doug and his wife has

made a major change and definitely for the 

good.Great track one little hiccup in turn 3

but I'm sure that will be fix before the next race 

we've gone from a follow the leader track most 

of the time to a 3 groove track.All three divisions

were running up to the Guard rail.Hopefully they

read our comments and fix the results/recap Issue

Msg ID: 2648837 Bridgeport  +4/-0     
6/30/2020 2:17:07 PM

Reply to: 2648778

I made the purchase of FloRacing (money well spent) and watched it live in the comfort of my home and thought the track was excellent. The racing there will only get better.

Msg ID: 2648849 Bridgeport  +11/-1     
6/30/2020 3:51:24 PM

Reply to: 2648662

I saw the video clip, but the results or recap were never posted. I work nights so I'm unable to attend as many races that I would like. But I follow the races on social media to see the recap and final finishing order. They do an outstanding job at action track, I feel like I'm at the track with all the updates and recap. I just felt like this was a big deal, something great for local dirt racing. Was just disappointed because I felt like maybe it wasn't after I couldn't find any recap or run down. I'm positive they will get the kinks worked out, I'm still excited for what they are doing for racing. 

Msg ID: 2648956 Here ya go... +4/-0     
Author:Alan Moore
7/1/2020 9:13:58 AM

Reply to: 2648662