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Msg ID: 2659950 Big Diamond +14/-2     
9/7/2020 12:36:41 AM

Coalcracker 72

Watt (led from lap 2)





Msg ID: 2660062 Big Diamond +44/-6     
9/7/2020 4:35:05 PM

Reply to: 2659950

Thanks for posting the results. For those of us who couldn't go and weren't going to pay 40 bucks to watch online, I am glad a fan or two posted results. It's sad to see nothing posted here by BDR yet and that they couldn't even post a winner on their own Facebook page last night. The owners of the track need to consider the fans besides the ones who were there last night. Some of us were regulars for years, it would be nice if they could at least make it fairly easy for us to find out who won their marquee race. 

Also, having a 4 division show last night was an awful idea. Just a way to fill the owners pockets. I feel really bad for the 600 modified guys, who paid 40 bucks a person to race last night (so that's probably 160-240 per car) only to have their show cut ridiculously short. I know they aren't the headliner, but when you are paying a steep price, you should get to run your full race. 

Msg ID: 2660089 Big Diamond +18/-0     
Author:You weren’t there
9/7/2020 6:37:33 PM

Reply to: 2660062

The 600‘s had a fair shot at running their feature. The announcer said they used up their time, they did. They ran 10 laps only 1 counted. They ran 14 more laps only 2 counted. Same way they raced at Grandview. That is not fake news, I was at both races.

Msg ID: 2660105 Big Diamond +9/-5     
9/7/2020 8:01:32 PM

Reply to: 2660062

I actually found out from the Big D twitter account.  I had no idea they even had a twitter.


Msg ID: 2660121 Big Diamond +21/-1     
9/7/2020 9:42:06 PM

Reply to: 2660105

Also there is no reason in the world to start this race at 8PM. I left at 1AM and the sportsmen were not half way yet.

Msg ID: 2660125 Big Diamond +8/-5     
9/7/2020 10:55:21 PM

Reply to: 2660121

I was there also and I agree it was a long night but I looked at my watch when the sportsman race ended and it was 12:59 so your statement is incorrect but yes it was late. 


Msg ID: 2660143 Big Diamond +25/-2     
Author:Doug W
9/8/2020 9:01:59 AM

Reply to: 2660121

It's the same BS every year. The feature didn't take the green until quarter to 12 and they still had the sportsmen after that. I'm justglad they didn't do tge fireworks on top of that. Absolutely ridiculous.

Msg ID: 2660181 Big Diamond +13/-1     
9/8/2020 1:00:44 PM

Reply to: 2660143

I have always liked Big Diamond Speedway. It has been the only track other than 1 trip to Grandview that I have attended this year mostly due to the social distancing aspect of attending. It is a 1 & a half hour drive. But they have never been able to put it all together in my opinion. The weekly regular shows this year have been run well this year with a good surface, but it still seems that the big shows offer to many divisions and run way too long. I have learned that you have to stay on top of facebook, twitter and a few other media apps to be informed of upcoming events and results if unable to attend.


Msg ID: 2660235 Big Diamond +9/-5     
9/8/2020 6:23:27 PM

Reply to: 2660181
I understand trying to get the other divisions in. There was a lot of racing missed this year and even the lower classes need their time. I do believe that the mistake that was made was the order of events. Run mod heats first so you can run mod feature first. That way the ones who want to leave after mod feature can get out of there at a decent hour and the track wont be quite as spent as it was. However we all know you can't please everyone so kudos to Diamond for trying. By the way been going there for many years and I have never seen that place that full before. Parking lot at full capacity, cars parked on both sides of dirt road leading to lot, and cars parked on both sides of road before getting to entrance.

Msg ID: 2660199 Big Diamond +11/-5     
9/8/2020 3:51:47 PM

Reply to: 2660062

The class I felt bad for were the Roadrunners.  They consistantly put on a good if not the best show of the night get and got screwed out of running their entire feature.  They need to take of them as rumor has it the street stocks are gone after the last race of the year.  Nobody wants to try and race against Geeseman and his fleet of limited late models every time they show up.  The 600 have no business on a track as big as Diamond.  Makes for crappy racing.  All in all, I enjoyed the whole night.  The visitors from NY probably weren't complaining about time.  The ones I spoke to were looknig forward to a good night of racing.  Look how they got shafted over this year by their idiot govenor.  Us bitching about a late night seems trivial to many of them.