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Msg ID: 2664216 thunder on hill +12/-28     
Author:david walter
10/9/2020 3:28:35 PM

maybe with the way the season has been for every one he could move his show to sunday?

Msg ID: 2664272 thunder on hill +24/-4     
10/10/2020 9:22:31 AM

Reply to: 2664216

So if you were Bob that is what you would do? Ask all your employees to Chang their schedules on 6 days notice? Reprint any advertising for this week? 

Msg ID: 2664277 thunder on hill +12/-26     
Author:david walter
10/10/2020 10:00:55 AM

Reply to: 2664272

yes if i was bob thats what i would do . only i would have done it weeks ago.

Msg ID: 2664300 thunder on hill +12/-1     
10/10/2020 1:02:43 PM

Reply to: 2664277

I don't think it would be possible to run on Sunday, the have an enduro, vintage cars and 600 modifieds that day.


Msg ID: 2664306 thunder on hill +6/-2     
10/10/2020 3:01:00 PM

Reply to: 2664277
Good answer Dave.


Msg ID: 2664364 thunder on hill . +4/-3     
Author:david walter
10/11/2020 12:30:47 PM

Reply to: 2664306

thanks joe

Msg ID: 2664275 thunder on hill +7/-2     
Author:John H
10/10/2020 9:46:28 AM

Reply to: 2664216

and Just what are you referring to ?

Msg ID: 2664346 thunder on hill +7/-11     
10/11/2020 10:14:46 AM

Reply to: 2664275

Why Saturday?

Msg ID: 2664394 thunder on hill +7/-6     
10/11/2020 4:55:33 PM

Reply to: 2664346

6 thumbs down, yet no one answered my question.

Msg ID: 2664399 thunder on hill +6/-4     
10/11/2020 6:19:35 PM

Reply to: 2664394

We don't know what you're asking. Why switch from Saturday? Because Port Royal has their big modified race that night.

Msg ID: 2664402 thunder on hill +20/-1     
10/11/2020 6:24:40 PM

Reply to: 2664399

Okay, can't everybody just go to whichever race they choose? Grandview was scheduled first if I recall.

Msg ID: 2664415 thunder on hill +6/-1     
10/11/2020 7:45:48 PM

Reply to: 2664402

Beleive you are correct, here is a list I was able to compile of the pre-registered entries for the STSS show at Port Royal, hope this list displays cleanly, so far I have 47 drivers entered (only 1 that I did not see pre-registered but heard was going to be there was Mike Mahaney). Based on this list so far I only see 7 guys that would have definetly been at Grandview and  3 or 4 guys that would have been maybes.  Take a look, see what you guys think.

1 Andy Bachetti
2 Anthony Perrego
3 Justin Wright
4 Eric Williams
5 Larry Wight
6 Josh Hohenforst
7 Jimmy Horton
8 Stewart Friesen
9 Mike Gular
10 Ryan Godown
11 Dan Bouc
12 Matt Shepard
13 Rusty Smith
14 Ryan Riddle
15 Josh Nobriga
16 Peter Britten
17 David Schilling
18 Ryan Watt
19 Matt Stangle
20 Joe Judge
21 Jacob Dgien
22 David Marcuccilli
23 Rick Laubach
24 David Van Horn
25 Billy Pauch Jr.
26 Billy Decker
27 Jordan Watson
28 Alan Johnson
29 Jeff Strunk
30 Jared Umbenhauer
31 Brett Tonkin
32 Matt Williamson
33 Mike Trautschold
34 Josh Delea
35 Billy Van Pelt
36 Billy Pauch 
37 Brett Haas
38 Matt Delorenzo
39 Danny Heiber
40 Brian Gleason
41 J.R. Heffner
42 Tyler Dippel
43 Tim Fuller
44 Kyle Coffey
45 Mike Mahaney
46 Tyler Dippel
47 Erik Rudolph

Msg ID: 2664511 thunder on hill +3/-0     
10/12/2020 12:36:07 PM

Reply to: 2664415

add Tyler Siri to the list as well

Msg ID: 2664528 thunder on hill +4/-1     
10/12/2020 2:14:34 PM

Reply to: 2664511
I see now that Mike Mahaney is now confirmed for Port Royal. Incase anyone cares this info can be found on Short Track Super Series facebook page, you can see it even if you do not have an account.

Msg ID: 2664515 thunder on hill +10/-1     
10/12/2020 12:55:33 PM

Reply to: 2664415

On a normal  year Grandview will get  their usual drivers but I dont know that many Ny drivers would show. Maybe one or 2 from list. Not sure why poeple complain  about where drivers go. Its their choice and many factors go into where they race.

Msg ID: 2664482 thunder on hill +4/-0     
10/12/2020 10:41:31 AM

Reply to: 2664216

No Howard, or VonDohren on the list ?

Msg ID: 2664519 thunder on hill +4/-0     
Author:John H
10/12/2020 1:15:45 PM

Reply to: 2664482

vandoren may be done for year , howard no show at bigdiamond last saturday 

Msg ID: 2664526 thunder on hill +6/-0     
10/12/2020 2:11:35 PM

Reply to: 2664482
Pretty safe to assume they will be at Grandview. I beleive that was the point of the original reason for this thread. I put the list together to inform on, at least, what drivers will be at Port Royal so anyone can use it to decide where to head this weekend. Hope it at least helped 1 person.

Msg ID: 2664541 thunder on hill +6/-3     
Author:little Jman
10/12/2020 4:11:30 PM

Reply to: 2664526

Actually, depending how CVD's back injury is feeling, he plans to be at Port Royal. As of last weekend Howard was still not sure where he was going.

Ryan Krachun, Skylar Sheriff, Keith Hoffman, and Bryan Kuhl were a few invaders heading to New Egypt this weekend. 

Msg ID: 2664543 thunder on hill +5/-2     
10/12/2020 4:16:01 PM

Reply to: 2664541

The guys listed as invading New Egypt going to Grandview maybe?

Msg ID: 2664588 thunder on hill +6/-1     
Author:little Jman
10/12/2020 9:10:11 PM

Reply to: 2664543

Yep, sorry! I'm an idiot... meant to say those guys will be at Grandview. 

Msg ID: 2664513 thunder on hill +19/-3     
Author:Bryan Kuhl
10/12/2020 12:46:55 PM

Reply to: 2664216

bob had this race on his schedule back in January before the port Royal race was even dreamed of.  



Msg ID: 2664638 thunder on hill +10/-4     
10/13/2020 9:56:46 AM

Reply to: 2664513

I do not see why this is a big deal, if schedules were normal there would be a competing event against this event anyway. Its not like there was going to be some great car count for this race. Gives fan an option to see racing if not going to Port Royal event which I dont think many Grandview fans would attend anyway. For God's sake they complain about any admission price more than $15.

Msg ID: 2664779 thunder on hill +6/-4     
10/14/2020 9:30:12 AM

Reply to: 2664216

Cvd done for the year. 

Msg ID: 2664965 thunder on hill +5/-1     
10/14/2020 11:24:33 PM

Reply to: 2664779

Qualifying at Port Royal is Friday. That will factor into whether or not some of them stay at PR or hit Grandview.

Msg ID: 2665059 thunder on hill +6/-0     
10/15/2020 4:12:05 PM

Reply to: 2664965
Not sure if they will pick any drivers up that way since they are running the B mains on Saturday as well. Ive been wrong before though.

Msg ID: 2665332 thunder on hill +5/-0     
10/18/2020 12:28:55 PM

Reply to: 2665059

Sounds like both tracks had a full field, so it worked out.