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Msg ID: 2670379 Duane Howard +18/-11     
11/22/2020 8:07:28 PM
Now that the 2020 dirt season has ended and we prepare for the 2021 season to begin we would like to announce that
Duane Howard
will be piloting the 15 car for Butch Getz Motorsports.
The team will be racing Friday and Saturday nights with a schedule to be determined at a later date.
Duane will be piloting the Big Creek Concrete sponsored Bicknell Chassis with Billy The Kid motors under the hood.

Msg ID: 2670382 Duane Howard +18/-16     
Author:Dallan G
11/22/2020 8:36:21 PM

Reply to: 2670379
Now I'm confused. If Strunk is out of the 126 & Howard is running the 15, does that mean he is not running the 357 anymore? Where does that leave Strunk? Rideless, or does he get in the 357 now? I'd think they'd want to keep Strunk in the 15 because they ran great together.


Msg ID: 2670426 Duane Howard +27/-26     
11/23/2020 8:47:55 AM

Reply to: 2670382

Love to see Strunk drive a 2nd number 2 car. Be a team mate to Gular.