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Msg ID: 2679724 Super Matt vs Mad Max +12/-9     
2/14/2021 10:07:58 AM

Can't believe there isn't a mention on here about Matt decking Max after the feature on night 2 at Volusia.

Seems to me that Matt thought Max to be taught a lesson, it is a bit strange as closely tied that the teams are.

Msg ID: 2679738 Super Matt vs Mad Max +14/-11     
2/14/2021 11:54:00 AM

Reply to: 2679724
Matt musta read TMacs interview about drivers using up other racers cars or wrecking other racers. No respect being shown what so ever. After the feature Matt told a crew member "hold my beer" n took care of it.

Msg ID: 2679743 Super Matt vs Mad Max +9/-4     
Author:John H
2/14/2021 12:28:08 PM

Reply to: 2679724

Matt has been put on probations till july 1 and fined $700  

Msg ID: 2679780 Super Matt vs Mad Max +7/-3     
2/14/2021 9:14:15 PM

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Heard that Sheppard also had issues with Jimmy Horton at Bubba's. Can anyone confirm this?? Always known Jimmy to be a hard but clean racer.

Msg ID: 2679809 Super Matt vs Mad Max +6/-1     
2/15/2021 11:21:05 AM

Reply to: 2679780

Yes this is true. People at Bubba do not expect this to carry over. However the 2 will not be sending Christmas  cards to each other anytime soon

Msg ID: 2679859 Super Matt vs Mad Max +13/-6     
Author:Old Schooler
2/15/2021 4:27:56 PM

Reply to: 2679809

Old school way of handling things, no B.S.

Msg ID: 2679989 Super Matt vs Mad Max +12/-4     
2/17/2021 10:03:12 AM

Reply to: 2679859

So old schooler thinks resorting to violence is the way to go. Matt will be sitting a few out now, thats always smart.

Msg ID: 2680069 Super Matt vs Mad Max +18/-1     
Author:old schooler
2/18/2021 8:21:58 AM

Reply to: 2679989

Not promoting violence, but you talk to some young guys and it goes in one ear and out the other. Most young racers, who stay in the sport, always looks back to their younger days and regrets how they drove,   Hate to say it, but Larry Wight has been a much different and a better driver since is altercation with Matt in 2017 at Utica.  Not a Matt Sheppard fan at all, but not a fan of the young guys out disrespecting racing and Max is a good kid, but I bet he will think differently now.

Msg ID: 2680125 Super Matt vs Mad Max +11/-3     
2/18/2021 6:40:20 PM

Reply to: 2680069

If I read the article in AARN correctly Matt punched him in the cheek knocked him down and was fined $700.00 which matched his payout for his finish, so he broke even. So the new rule is, if you get pissed off at another driver you may go punch him in the face but you forefiet your winnings for the night and we will be "watching you" for a few months. Good marketing you watch a great race and you see a fight in the pits if you stick around ( no additional charge)....


Msg ID: 2680085 Super Matt vs Mad Max +7/-0     
2/18/2021 11:55:55 AM

Reply to: 2679989

Unless something changed Matt was put on probation and not paid for the night of racing. No mention of missing races. Max has a bit of history running over his head, just watch the replay from Weedsport on Oct. same move. 

Msg ID: 2680320 Super Matt vs Mad Max +9/-0     
2/20/2021 3:40:07 PM

Reply to: 2679989

Just ask some old school racers from a few decades ago how they handled another driver racing over his head.  If they got jacked up they deserved it.  Sometimes a punch in the face is a wake up call to smarten up.  And Sheppard is not suspended.