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Msg ID: 2736413 Microsprint 600 Speedweek - Lindas +9/-2     
7/21/2022 7:54:08 PM

Just an FYI for those not aware, Kyle Larson & Christopher Bell are both racing a 600 microsprint tonight at Linda's Speedway in Jonestown.  They are both near the top in hot laps so far.

Msg ID: 2736556 Microsprint 600 Speedweek - Lindas +8/-4     
7/22/2022 8:40:40 PM

Reply to: 2736413

So let me get this straight, Larson and Bell win run a micro at Linda's for $1000 to win but they want to boycott the Chili Bowl because it only pays $10,000 to win. ?

Msg ID: 2736598 Microsprint 600 Speedweek - Lindas +9/-3     
7/23/2022 10:14:38 AM

Reply to: 2736556

Yes. It's almost like those are two very different things. The drivers can have different thoughts on different events. 


Msg ID: 2736651 Microsprint 600 Speedweek - Lindas +16/-1     
7/23/2022 10:29:10 PM

Reply to: 2736598

The point of my post is Larson's motive for the boycott threat. He and the other money teams are the ones who have a problem with the purse. Say the purse was doubled for next year's race, who would benefit? Out of the 400 teams that show up, maybe 5% have a legit shot at the A-main or winning it. Doubling the purse would benefit those 5% much more than anyone else.            If the purse was doubled the promoter has to make that up somehow. Where is that money coming from? I dont see many more cars attending and they cant cram anymore spectators in the place. It would have to come from more expensive entry fees, pit passes, admission tickets and concessions, which wouldnt matter to the 5% so much but everyone else would have to pay more to participate.           The reason 400 hundred cars show up at the Chili Bowl is because it's the Chili Bowl. Everyone wants to win THAT race. It was the same with Syracuse. Most drivers hated running the mile and spent more money that week than in half a seaon at their home track. Why did they come back every year? Was'nt the purse, they wanted to win THAT race. I think the Chili Bowl will survive without Larson if he stays home.

Msg ID: 2737267 Microsprint 600 Speedweek - Lindas +5/-0     
7/29/2022 5:29:32 PM

Reply to: 2736651

Kyle gave all winnings to car owner