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Msg ID: 2737878 Kutztown +11/-6     
Author:Bill S.
8/4/2022 12:58:52 PM

Great racing at Action Track last night. However, I do have a question. Why were the heats for the second sprint car race run before the make up feature? What if a car got wrecked beyond repair in the heat? That car would miss both features. Now if the make up feature were run before the heats for the second feature that senario would not happen. Just our opinion.


Msg ID: 2737882 Kutztown +8/-1     
Author:John H
8/4/2022 1:40:38 PM

Reply to: 2737878

 I Agree thought the same thing Last week on the 600;s , but if racers are ok with it  then who em i to  complain