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Msg ID: 2765746 How young is too young? +25/-3     
2/18/2023 10:29:20 PM

Interesting article in AARN this week about the increasing younger ages of youth in motorsports. IMO, you shouldn't be eligible to drive a full size race car until you legally obtain a drivers license from your state so you can drive the family car on the street. Any thoughts?

Msg ID: 2766007 How young is too young? +11/-4     
Author:John H
2/21/2023 2:25:54 PM

Reply to: 2765746

sounds good , but dont states vary , so may not be fair 

Msg ID: 2766015 The problem is..  +13/-3     
Author:Better drivers
2/21/2023 3:47:41 PM

Reply to: 2765746
A fair majority of these kids are way, way better then the "legal aged" drivers that you mention! Quarter midgets and good teacher teach these kids ALOT.


Msg ID: 2766150 The problem is..  +12/-0     
2/23/2023 11:44:15 AM

Reply to: 2766015

Wealthy parents, the best of the best and best maintained equipment goes a long way also... some stuff the veterans do not have

Msg ID: 2766506 The problem is..  +10/-0     
2/26/2023 6:47:34 PM

Reply to: 2766150
Like ole Jay James used to say. Get a better job.

Msg ID: 2766138 How young is too young? (NT) +10/-4     
2/23/2023 10:05:56 AM

Reply to: 2765746

Msg ID: 2766273 How young is too young? +10/-0     
2/24/2023 1:08:35 PM

Reply to: 2765746

I've said this before. There are many kids out there with all kinds of talent. No questions asked about that. 
But do they truly have the mental maturity to understand what can really happen out there on the race track?

Msg ID: 2766305 How young is too young? +10/-1     
2/24/2023 5:21:02 PM

Reply to: 2766273

I guess if the liberals are letting (even encouraging it) young folks to change sexes I guess racing at a young age is OK.  Kidding aside, I agree with you Stu about mental capacity for young folk which is what drives me nuts about other aspects of our "woke" society. 

Msg ID: 2766534 How young is too young? +10/-0     
2/27/2023 12:01:39 AM

Reply to: 2766273
Think about what you are saying.. I wonder about the mental capacity of some of these drivers that do nothing but wreck.

Msg ID: 2766698 CHECK THE INSURANCE +19/-0     
Author:Ernie Saxton
2/28/2023 1:02:45 PM

Reply to: 2766534

For those who want to allow their children to race just make SURE that there is insurance in place to cover them.