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Msg ID: 2767335 1937 Ford Sedan Vintage car  +7/-1     
3/6/2023 9:53:03 PM

Bill Force Sr. Well known race car driver, Artist and fabricator is selling a one of a kind irreplaceable piece of history.  The project took Bill 3 years to complete. The final product is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship.  The reproduction of Woody Johnson's 1937 Ford Sedan is absolutely impeccable and the detailing and painstaking process to make this car a clone of the original puts this car in a class of it's own.  Bill has volumes of information on the build.  It was a very difficult decision for Bill to sell but due to personal reasons the car is being offered at price way below the appraised value.  Car is located in Manahawkin NJ

Price:  Complete car -                            $7,800.00

           20' Enclosed trailer -                    $3,200.00

           Package purchase car and trailer - $9,300.00

Contact: Bill Force Sr.  (609) 276-1380  Bill can also be contacted through Facebook Messenger 


Msg ID: 2767425 1937 Ford Sedan Vintage car  +6/-0     
3/7/2023 7:14:07 PM

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I am going to make an executive decision and allow this post to remain. Due to slow volume on the parts board, I would like to help make this available to as many as possible.


SJDR Admin

Msg ID: 2767455 1937 Ford Sedan Vintage car  +5/-0     
3/8/2023 12:13:07 AM

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Msg ID: 2767975 SOLD SOLD. SOLD.  +5/-0     
3/12/2023 8:32:56 PM

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Thanks SJDR