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Msg ID: 2767615 Geoff Bodine Page is Latest of Many New ARRA Pages +11/-0     
Author:ARRA Research
3/9/2023 10:37:02 PM

Geoff Bodine Career Win Research Headlines a Huge List of New Submissions to ARRA Website!

Ringoes,NJ – ARARA…Auto Racing Research Associates have been busier than ever over the Winter months, with lots of recent submissions the result!  The nearly 40 auto racing historians from across the country..coast to coast would like to invite racing fans to stop in and check out the multitude of new driver and track additions, as well as further additions to existing pages, making them even more informative of the subject!

     “My historians as well as myself have been busy all through the Winter months!” ARRA President Fred Voorhees proudly noted.  “The Winter months, with little, if any racing events to attend, allow us to focus on our research that much more.”

   The busy group of historians are responsible for a host of new additions to the popular ARRA statistical reference website.  Speaking of pages dedicated to documenting track statistics, the group has seen Accord Speedway in Accord, NY have its complete weekly history documented by President Fred Voorhees.  Voorhees has also completed driver research projects on both highly successful Western NY Woodhull Speedway dominator Billy Van Pelt and hugely popular NJ based asphalt modified driver Tony Siscone and fans can expect them published on the website within the next few weeks.

  Former National Sprint Car Hall of Fame curator and now ARRA historian Tom Schmeh continues to be a seriously dedicated research machine and is responsible for lots of new submissions over the Winter!  The list of submissions by Schmeh is topped by the just published page covering Geoff Bodine.  The Northeast modified driver who went on to fame in the then National NASCAR Winston Cup series.  Bodine…a former star asphalt modified driver joins such other notable paved track chauffeurs as Ray Hendrick submitted by historian Larry Jendras, Bugs Stevens submitted by historian John Dedalt and Dave Dion by historian Justin St. Louis. 

   The list of other Tom Schmeh submissions goes on with the addition of stats from the Chemung Speedway in NY, Super Modified stats from the Dundee Speedway in NY, NASCAR TQ midget racing in the ‘60’s, an addition to the Reading (PA) Speedway page with the addition of ARDC/USAC/AAA Midget racing at the famous and now defunct racing facility, the Midget racing division at the Teaneck, NJ Armory and in a combo effort with historian Stephen Bubb, a research of the Hershey Stadium.

  Historian Nick Teto has made his submissions over the Winter including research on the Danbury Racearena in Danbury, Connecticutt, and driver Stan Greger, a successful paved track shoe that took down many wins at the Stafford, Riverside Park, Monadnock and Plainville Speedways back in the ‘70s through the’90s.   Californa ARRA historian Jim Thurman submitted one of his first studies when he sent along a research study on the L.A. Memorial Coliseum Midget racing.  The Motor City Speedway in Detroit, MI has been researched and historian Bob Markos graced our ARRA pages with that submission. 

   Webmaster Tim Quievryn of ARRA sister website “The Third Turn” and one of the newest ARRA historians shares files with ARRA from his website covering the USAC Western States Midget Racing Series since its inception back in 1982 and continues to this day.  Quievryn also has submitted research on “The Historical Big One” a high paying sprint car event at Tony Stewarts Eldora Speedway, the USAC Late Model Series that ran from 1985 through 1988 and the USAC National Super Modified racing series which ran from 1985 through 1988.

   Existing ARRA pages that have been enhanced with additional statistics over the Winter include the Brett Deyo STSS Short Track Super Series page which now has complete stats for the 602 Sportsman division that accompanies the headline division Modifieds, the Dundee (NY) Speedway has had additions, Glenn Aubrey (NY) Speedway has seen more stats added and the Sharon Speedway in Ohio has just recently seen its page greatly enhanced by the all time wins lists of divisions Big Block Modifieds, Super Late Models and 410 Sprint cars.

    ARRA is currently in final negotiations with a handful of historians to join the group to further their effort to provide national racing research and documentation.  They are also in a search for a few young racing fans who think that they might be interested in joining them and start off with a hobby of helping document and contribute greatly to the sport.  The first candidate accepted into the group will be supplied with a very healthy “starter” collection of Area Auto Racing News reaching back into the early ‘80s and possibly further back thanks to many generous donations of racing papers through the years.

   “I have been in contact with a few historians from different areas of the country to come on board with us and I am still waiting on the confirmations of their intentions from a few of them.” Stated Voorhees when drilled about the next possible historian candidates.  “One or two are already on board to join us and I even have also lined up a new kind of member for our group.  Through years of experience in talking to certain fans and ascertaining their depth of knowledge about racing…I am going to be initiating a group of members that will be “consultants”….those racing fans that members of ARRA have and will continue to reach out to when we need certain stats and expertise in certain geographical areas and divisions of racing.  I have a very knowledgeable gentleman lined up who desires to join us and I am confident that he will be an asset to our group.”  Voorhees reveals that there are a number of outside sources that its members consult with when doing their research.  “ARRA thinks its time to recognize those valuable assets to our research!” Fred says.   And he wraps up with “And as for the search for a young historian or two to come aboard and join us….the bulk of our historians are of the “older” bent and I am looking forward and keeping the health of the ARRA group in mind…so a search for younger historians will be undertaken and applications are always welcome by submitting them to me.”

     Auto Racing Research Associates is a growing group of thirty nine auto racing historians across the country banded together for the purpose of the research, documentation and displaying of auto racing history such as driver win statistics, track, racing series and organizations histories and also the background of racing personalities, particular cars from the past and various other interesting facts of racing history that should not be forgotten.  ARRA continues to build a network of associated auto racing related websites to unite for better chances of furthering the understanding of the past of our sport.  ARRA offers looking up services for those looking for one particular piece of information from the past.  They are the official statistics information source of the Flemington Speedway Historical Society and have been doing much of the research work for a number of years for the Northeast Dirt Modified Museum and Hall of Fame in Weedsport, NY.


Msg ID: 2767794 Geoff Bodine Page is Latest of Many New ARRA Pages +11/-0     
3/11/2023 12:10:15 AM

Reply to: 2767615

Outstanding job guys, without your efforts all this racing history would die on the vine.  I was never a big fan of Bodine, but I loved many of his modified mounts and his wars with Earnhardt in the cup series. I give him alot of credit for giving the 3 a taste of his own medicine when most wouldn't. I knew he was a big winner but thats alot of races in the asphalt mod ranks for sure. Thank you all so much

Msg ID: 2767798 Thank you +11/-0     
Author:Fred Voorhees
3/11/2023 12:28:24 AM

Reply to: 2767794
Its our pleasure. Personally, I would like to think that this research work is why I could never throw out a racing paper...Devine intervention. Whatever, but now, I have every Gater News and AARN all the way back to the late 60's and darned good sets of the earlier years and an even more impressive collection of National Speed Sport. It allows me the opportunity to research some of our real pioneers in Northeast racing. I have dedicated a major part of my retirement to this research stuff. I could do worse. Thanks for the kind words.