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Msg ID: 2802345 Evans Mills Becomes the Latest Northeast Racing Facility to be Added to ARR +12/-1     
Author:ARRA Research
1/5/2024 7:14:54 PM

Evans Mills Becomes the Latest Northeast Racing Facility to be Added to ARRA Website


Ringoes,NJ – The Evans Mills (NY) Speedway is the latest Northeast auto racing track to be added to the ARRA, Auto Racing Research Associates organizations website, ending months of work by ARRA President Fred Voorhees.  The detailed research attempted to capture the winner of every feature event ever held at the speedway that got its start in August of 1967.

  “The actual reason why I decided to research the history of Evans Mills,” revealed Voorhees, “is that the speedway has been a real thorn in us researchers sides when researching driver histories.  Evans Mills has had a real up and down and tumultuous history regarding its competition, its coverage in racing publications and metro newspapers, and changes of promotional changes as well as changes to its racing surface from dirt, to asphalt, back to dirt and back again to asphalt.  The track remains today as an asphalt racing facility.  We have long put up with very tough research efforts when Evans Mills was involved and I decided to take the bull by he horns and just jump in, grab every morsel of data that could be uncovered and get it all contained in one file so that if we need to access stats from the track again…we need only turn to that file.  If it isn’t there…odds are…the information isn’t out there!”

   The research has taken a number of months to accomplish and going through a number of different media sources to attempt to obtain every last bit of information that is out there.  Fred says, “I think I got it all.  But as always…our historians and myself are always open to take a look at any possibility of additional information being added to the file.  There are still many gaps in the file that need filling in.”

  Racing fans interested in checking out the newest ARRA website page can find it at:

  In addition to the weekly winners research…ARRA has also added a special feature to go along with the new Evans Mills page.  Courtesy of Scot Zeigler, Son of the original builder and owner of the speedway, ARRA has put up a page that is located on the Bill Hanna Special Reports section that documents in pictures…the actual construction of the speedway.  “I invite fans to check that out!” comments President Voorhees.  That page can be viewed here:

    Auto Racing Research Associates is a growing group of over forty auto racing historians across the country banded together for the purpose of the research, documentation and displaying of auto racing history such as driver win statistics, track, racing series and organizations histories and also the background of racing personalities, particular cars from the past and various other interesting facts of racing history that should not be forgotten.  ARRA continues to build a network of associated auto racing related websites to unite for better chances of furthering the understanding of the past of our sport.  ARRA offers looking up services for those looking for one particular piece of information from the past.  They are the official statistics information source of the Flemington Speedway Historical Society and have been doing much of the research work for a number of years for the Northeast Dirt Modified Museum and Hall of Fame in Weedsport, NY.